Solomon Islands and sinking ship of South Korea

Hamid Sadeghipour                                                             17.04.2014                                                   I was studying Solomon Islands earthquakes that the news of a sinking of a South Korean ship surfaced. As I wrote it is the expansion time of southern hemisphere and it pushes toward north.  This in turn makes uplifting of the opposite sides. Last year, we had the sinking, because of hurting basin, of an Italian and small Iranian ship. It is good to install some sensors at the lowest points of a ship to measure the distance with the objects of the same level if any. Or a boat going ahead and measuring the depth with measuring devices till all necessary sensors installed. Anyhow it is your own knowledge that saves you.                                                       

Recent Earthquakes on American West Coast


 Hamid Sadeghipour                             03.04.2014

When I was a child I was reading fairy tales. I read almost all the books over this subject at my access. Like: “following the sun”, fairy tales of the nations. You see, sometimes, super natural powers much stronger the human beings, like monsters. The nature is much stronger than us and the whole humanity plays the role of the monster for individuals, sometimes. Look to the sky over the point where earthquake occurred in American continent. One side are Mars, Jupiter and Saturn over their head and the other side are Venus, Mercury and The sun. While the southern hemisphere is in his most expansion, and northern hemisphere in contraction, you have one side on west of America less pressure than the other side, Indian Ocean. The American continent north and South should push toward the west, but it lacks the necessary force and something fall like ocean basin.  Another fact is the South American Alps are continuation of eastern mountain of North America. And it goes to Ny-Alesund, Spitzbergen, Norway with seismograph of IU/KBS station on “Live seismic heliplots” as the station shows a relation to South American mountains. Another point is the volcanism of Central America. In one picture on the north of Los Angeles in Palmdale you see some crashed layers, might be interpreted as a fault or thrust fault. In my belief it is the result of a sudden push. Some volcanoes erupt and a shift of mountains. Even all the western mountains are a land slide and make pressure to ocean basin beside them. And a less pressure from this side might cause a land slide in the ocean. Please, take care that it is my idea and you should examine it and use it. Italian and greek people have some installation under the sea. Everywhere, there is a danger of land slide in the ocean or sea, please install a Leika measuring device and a floating solar battery anchored to ocean basin, and telemetry and regular visit to the station.  Please, you have ministry of defense certainly and you can be responsible for what you do.




Earthquake precursor for landslide is not necessary

Hamid Sadeghipour                                 26.03.2014                                                                                  Mathematics was the science of right or wrong, but nowadays is the state of being. I told you in my last article I won’t write as I might commit some mistakes. I try to write in future only educationally. I won’t take any responsibility for what I write and won’t write what could be a disaster due to my writings. I am perfectly aware of my present judgment, but we have all take care of what we write. This is the case of landslide in North West of USA. They say the precursor of this landslide was the earthquakes behind the landslide position. It is spring now, and we might have other landslides elsewhere. One of the reasons for the landslide is the weight of some soil where the gravity vecto0r goes out of the base of the soil under slide. Sometimes, it is just the mud. Sometimes, it is the cleavage of the rock. Like a small rock you have a cleavage that under some weight is broken. It is crystallography. In my other articles I mentioned you have to measure the distance of some points or three points, from a fix point outside of the hill, always. Laika is a trademark for distance measuring, if I write it correctly. Where ever you live take care for landslide, with or without earthquake precursors.

The wave function

Hamid Sadeghipour                                              11.03.2014                                                                                                I would like to write why I write and why I don’t write.  Please, look at the comment I wrote on the article of Scientific American under title of:

Are Parallel Universes Unscientific Nonsense?                     Some exerts or chosen parts:                                                                        Many physicists have explored various types of parallel universes in recent books, including Sean CarrollDavid DeutschBrian Greene, Michio Kaku, Martin ReesLeonard Susskind and Alexander Vilenkin. Interestingly, not a single one of these books (my own included) makes any outright claims that parallel universes exist.

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Let’s have a look to Schroedinger equation. It has a solution with   “e” to power of -ixyzt for example. i as a complex number is another dimension. for a+ib and a-ib we can have a coordinates as a point on a surface. The space is continious. The universes are side by side as points. But atoms are not continious. There are big distances between atoms and electrons like the Sun and planets. How far is the next univers? There should be like plank constant some standard distance. Is it next block? In reality are we living the multiunivers already?   Like a farm of wheat or an apple garden.                      Or the article:                                                                                                          Big Bang Secrets Swirling in a Fluid Universe                      Some exerts or chosen parts:                                                        A new model that treats the matter in the universe as a fluid could enable researchers to retrace the flow of the cosmos back to the Big Bang.

The viscosity calculation could help cosmologists sleuth out the details of the Big Bang, and possibly someday identify its trigger, by enabling them to track the fluid like flow of the cosmos back 13.8 billion years to its initial state.

For example, so far, cosmologists have only developed an effective field theory model of the evolution of dark matter, an invisible substance that makes up roughly six-sevenths of the matter in the universe. Visible matter is slightly more complicated, and researchers say its behavior on short distance scales might be more difficult to represent as bulk properties of a fluid. “That is the next challenge,” said Zaldarriaga, who co-authored a November 2013 paper on the effective field theory approach. “We are doing one thing at a time.”

To a first approximation, the matter distribution at each distance scale (from large to small) can be treated as if it evolves independently. However, just as small ripples in the surface of water can affect the evolution of bigger waves, smaller clumps of matter in the universe (such as galaxy clusters) gravitationally influence the larger clumps that encompass them (such as superclusters). Accounting for this interplay in models of cosmic evolution is problematic because the gravitational effects at the shortest distance scales — at which the universe is not smooth like a fluid but rather condensed into isolated, particlelike objects — sabotage the calculation.

Effective field theory fixes the problem by accounting for the interplay between scales only down to a few times the distance between galaxies. “Everything smaller than that length scale, we treat as complicated and hard to understand, and whatever goes on at those small scales can be bundled up into one big effect,” Carroll explained. The average gravitational effect of matter on small scales is represented as a fluid’s viscosity; hence, the connection between the cosmos and chocolate syrup.                                            I would like to say: Let’s have a look to Schroedinger equation. It has a solution with   “e” to power of -ixyzt for example. i as a complex number is another dimension. for a+ib and a-ib we can have a coordinates as a point on a surface. The space is continious. But, for 1/(ixyzt) if  ixyzt very large;  “e” to power of –ixyzt is very small  and goes toward 1 or a unit for 0 <ixyzt< 1 ; “e” to power of –ixyzt is very large. This is the nature of the waves.

I mention this as a point of view. I can stay silent, but, it is an opinion. For the earthquake causes   I think I said what I knew and future is the practice of our knowledge and discovery of new technics. For recent Tabriz earthquakes we know the effect of water on soil washing, or lubrication of two layers by water to slide. Another maybe the cold that dissipate the earth heat and we have sinking. Like my article on Bologna in Italy we have to reinforce the land by wells filled by concrete. This is the sliding and sinking toward the center of Sahand mountain feet. I think to repeat myself might be burdensome. I become old and might make mistakes. If it is a private matter it might be regards myself but public problems are to be handled correctly. If you have a question or a proposal do not hesitate to write me an email:




Man made earthquakes!?

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Recently, USGS had an article on “Man Made Earthquakes Update” expressing: The number of earthquakes has increased dramatically over the past few years within the central and eastern United States. I would not like to deny these facts, but to remind some others to be taken into consideration. New Madrid earthquakes, 200 years ago, were not man made. The Scientifics say sun activity comes from the center of the sun. This energy takes some millions of years to reach the surface of the sun. It is the same for the earth. The energy takes some time to reach the surface of the earth and this energy should be released. The water usually sent down or injected in the wells not only lubricate the faults, but, evaporate and increase the volume and it change the slop of the land to move in some direction. Let me  mention some geological fact about Iran. As the Arabian and India       plate moved and made pressure on the Alborz Chain Mountain, we had volcanoes eruption. I do not mention the strike of some stones or meteorites as well that could emphasize the events. Due to these facts some parts of the Alborz Chain Mountain was sliding and one part arrived to Kazerun in Fars province and anther to west of Hormozgan province. Such a strong movement was, just, the result of up lifting of the mountain. We have always these changes of slope and could be nature made. For fracturing we have to add chemicals and additives to increase the boiling point of water and reducing volume. Anyhow we have to work on the slope change of the land and reducing the risks.


The Sun and the Planets

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Last month I found some earthquakes are following the shape of arrangement of some near sun planets like a 40 degree angle, topographically, or the sequence of some earthquakes. But, the earthquakes were around 3.8 Richter.  We had on the same day the solar activity of the same shape. These days we have the Indonesian earthquake on Java like the shape of the aligned arrangement of planets. Even on some Iranian earthquakes you can see a straight line mountain and occurrence of the earthquakeon his foot. Tomorrow and after tomorrow we will have the planets almost together around 11 o’clock, local time,  in the morning.

If you read local news from countries, you see floods or draught, cold or warm regions. I think about  2019, when the minimum activity of the sun would be 15th of medium activities of the sun. at that time maybe some days will be cold in many parts of the world that even gas pipes will not work. Another solution to these difficulties could be to send some cyclotron to the moon. Usually they are close loops and horizontal. We can construct them vertical like a tire standing on the soil, and opening a gate, every some precise time to shoot to the sun.  You can send a loader,  a crusher and a mill to the moon to load the moon soil to the cyclotron. With programming we can shoot to the point opposite and facing to for example, New York, Moscow, Paris, or Tehran. The problem is the later might be the flood. We have to create tunnels for transport of merchandises with simple control to be used for water transport or pumping stations with pipes for same purpose. The man is on a critical point and to survive we need each other.



The importance of the mining and taking care about the faults

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Some years ago I was working in the business. I paid a visit to Tehran Cement Company. They have a conveyor belt from crusher in their mine to the factory. Sorry to mention some private information, but it might be useful for many countries. For example New Zealand seismological institute mentions under some of seismograms that some small seisms are due to strong wind or mine works. The crusher is and mine are above a fault that goes to the factory. Of course the mountain just beside factory is the result of a sliding action from the mountain in other side of the highway. It moves as well, but I would like to say it might be related to 40 km north of Semnan earthquake as well. It is good to connect this fault by some structure on the top down to the mine and crusher. You see, today, two earthquakes in Italy and Albany both on a line parallel to equator!!??. Or, today, there is an earthquake of 6 Richter in New Zealand. It is important to see besides the faults under permanent tension, maybe a little far from the epicenter.

The sun activities of the years 2018-2019

Hamid Sadeghipour 17.01.2014 Let me suppose the comet Ison had a positive effect, the sun activity was increased. If we look to sun activities predictions for the year 2018 t0 2019, in December 2019 t5he sun activity would be one fifth of last week medium sun activities. There will not be too much rain beside cold weather. The Ison had approximately 200 meter diameters. It had some 30 million tons weight. I propose to send rockets toward the sun but how much is the weight of your rocket without disturbing the atmosphere and reaching the sun? I think if we strike the sun directly we lose much energy to the space. Therefore it is possible to pass near the sun and the rocket disintegrates. It is possible the rockets spray the gas when approaching the sun. It should be very meticulous computations. It is possible to send one this year for next year winter as experimenting the spray action.

The weather and tectonics activity

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A lot of things happen recently. As the summer begins in the Earth South Hemisphere and the expansion of this part pushes toward the northern one, you see the northern part of the Australian continent; in the ocean and some part of the north hemisphere above equator have clear sky. The tectonics suduction create the heat and does not allow the cloud formation. It is the same for California and some part of the France. As for example New York is cold, the spring might be warm and drought. Or as California is warm without r4ain, they might expect the flood. The necessary precautions are a must. In Iran, Bastak earthquake in the Hormozgan province as well is due to subduction of Australian- Indian- Arabian tectonics continent. Of course, the volcanic activity of the mantle has some effect as well. The subduction causes some change in the angle of overlaying mountains and other causes I mentioned in my recent article about Bam. I think we have all in the world try to avoid conflicts and harmonize our efforts, for a long term constructions, to avoid natural disasters, because some of them have common roots. As the sun activity after Ison comet passage near the sun became irregular, it might be that it lost some forces. But, warming earth signals are serious. This is why we have warm weather in Australia.

Bam Earthquake, a decade later

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I had a chance to travel for the first time from Kerman to Bam by car. After some kilometers a mountain chain appeared at our east side of the road and was with us to Bam city. The distance between Kerman and Bam is nearly 180 kilometers. When we traveled 50 or 60 km I saw a big fault on the mountain. The mountain chain was separated in two along the direction of the north- west to south- east parallel to the road.  A clear broken mountain could be seen on the eastern part. The eastern part was creating a rift hidden and covered by falling western part on the feet of the eastern part over the rift. This rift has a narrow width near bam and wider width near Kerman. Till bam I couldn’t notice anything else. I had a lunch with my friend and went to Arg-e-Bam mud city. Bam has at least 2000 years of history and remained intact while constructions continued till some 100 years ago. With advent of the transport the new roads and means the mud city became a tourist attraction. The mud remained intact due to few 60 mm rain per year. The city was destroyed completely in the earthquake of December 2003.Besides, the Bam city itself that you know had near 50000 dead. The remaining walls in the mud city were inclined toward north-west. I made an experiment that while my friend helped me. I placed a small piece of stone on a piece of paper and dragging the paper to south- east and the stone felt in the some direction the walls declined.  It is clear we have a drag force from Indian subcontinent toward Asian plate. I attended some lectures in the year 2004 on Bam earthquake, therefore after paying a visit to the mud city I paid a visit to the river flowing in the North of this mud city. All the building around a wide area, the river site, at 2003 was destroyed. It is good to mention that Iran was an ocean with sediments covering everything. The gentleman offering his book and a visitor mentioned that the military base in the middle north of the mud city is built over a big rock and that is why it remained safer. I think it is possible that a big stone felt from the sky and later with Indian subcontinent move some of the sedimentary cover of the ocean; much more ancient mountains came to the surface. This cover near Bam, due to movement of Indian subcontinent moved to east and as the river was clearly weakens by water flow collapsed. It is good to know that water is brought to Bam for agriculture by chains of the wells as well as south western mountains water sources. It will be good to make some piles across the river for more safety. As later I tried to study more Bam earthquake I noticed Taftan volcano further in the south- east of Bam. It had eruptions in 1902 and 1993. With the year 2003 the event of the earthquake and earthquakes of nearly 1st and 3rd December 2013 with 2.5 and 3.5 Richter, we can count the days between these events and dividing by 466.666 days of volcanic year, I explained in older articles, we can find a significant relation of volcanic action over these events. Then, it is a volcanic and depressive action of a fault. I tried to see the relation with Afar volcanic region of eastern Africa. The volcanic rift is along a line from Congo to Ethiopia/Eritrea. If you continue the line over this rift you arrive to south of Fars and Bushehr provinces. I saw 3D satellite radar measurements of how the ground moved in September 2005 between Dabahu and Gab’ho volcanoes. The picture shows the lines of forces due to separation forces these volcanoes were producing. It is like mountains of Fars and Bushehr Provinces and Kerman and Chain Mountains  of “Zagros Chain”, the separation of a land in between. It is good for Iran, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Iraq to follow east African volcanoes and cooperate with these governments from Congo to Eritrea. Great Britain, France and Switzerland do their advanced research in these fields as I know.